Registration HQ

Deadline to register Democrats to vote in the Florida Primary

This is our chance to make our democracy in Florida fair and balanced

We are all more than a little tired of being treated like our voices don't matter, and like our values don't matter. We are Americans, we are proud patriots who love our country and our freedom. We have been declared an enemy by politicians who claim they are going to unite America, make her whole, even make her great again. How exactly do they plan to do that if they are only willing to listen to and represent half of the people in our communities? The answer is, they aren't. Until they stop viewing everyday hardworking Americans as us and them and using divisive rhetoric to fill their campaign coffers with little regard for the people, change will never happen. For too long we have been dismissed and ignored while our rights have been stripped away. Our children's educations, futures, environments, even their very safety and lives have been put at risk for political gain by the Florida Legislature for the last two decades. Enough is enough. The time has come for a blue wave to wash the corruption out of Tallahassee and Congress. It starts with us.

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