Safety and Quality of Life

Our 2016 platform on Safety and Quality of Life:

1. We support investing in community-based law enforcement programs to end the dangerous cycle of youth violence.
2. We support efforts to diminish the disproportionate effects of crime, violence, and incarceration in minority communities and working with these communites to find viable solutions.
3. We support policies that ensure the safety and protection of workers from dangerous exposures and chemicals.
4. We support efforts to increase the emotional and physical safety of seniors where they live, whether at home or a home agency.
1. We support gun violence prevention and believe the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulations.
2. We support background checks for all gun sales, closing the gun show loophole, stronger assault weapons regulations, and limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
3. We oppose allowing guns in schools, including on college campuses.
4. We oppose efforts to cut Social Security benefits and we support removing the cap on Social Security earnings to increase its stability.
5. We support the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and all subsequent animal protection laws, including those prohibiting animal fighting exhibitions.
6. We support efforts to recognize and rectify inequalities in our criminal justice system.
7. We support efforts to ensure that defendants have effective assistance of counsel and that DNA testing is conducted when appropriate.
8. We support the Fair Sentencing Act, which reduces racial disparities in sentencing for drug crimes.
9. We support nominations and confirmations of judges who are people of unquestionable talent and character and demonstrate faithfulness to our laws.

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