Our 2016 platform on Healthcare:

1. We oppose the resistance of Florida’s legislators and Governor to enact the Affordable Care Act.
2. We support women’s access to contraception in their health plans and oppose Florida’s challenges to contraceptive coverage.
3. We oppose any anti-choice agenda in Florida.
4. We support an amendment to the Florida Constitution to allow the medical use of marijuana.
1. We support the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and all its provisions.
2. We support the advancements of women’s reproductive and maternal health and a women’s right to choose.
3. We oppose the federal government’s efforts to increase restrictions on abortion.
4. We support the implement of the President’s national AIDS strategy that significantly reduces the number of HIV infections through early detection.
5. We support the continued funding of the Ryan White Care Act to provide critical ambulatory medical and other needed services for HIV patients.
6. We support Medicaid expansion, the strengthening of Medicare, and efforts to eliminate fraud in these programs.
7. We support reducing unintended pregnancies, promoting maternal and child health, and reducing the need for abortion.
8. We support a consistent nationwide policy of family and personal sick leave.
9. We support transgender-related treatment in state and federal government funded health care plans.
Section IX: Immigration Reform

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